Top world
handball academy


You are a young player aged 14-21 who wants to enhance the skillset
by working one-on-one with top world players.

or a senior player who wants to bring the game style to the higher level.

Top World Handball Academy is a unique and innovative concept of the individual player development. Player enhances his skillset by position-specific workload performed with world top players and with renownernational clubs in Europe.

Our Approach

We believe each and every player is unique and versatile. Nowadays there are no general solutions in sports: the development has to be tailor-made.

Our tailor-made program consists of three elements:

Testing and metrics

One-on-one position-specific work with top world players

Teaming up experience with the European teams

The program

Day 1 and 2

Entry testing and metrics – identification of physical, technical and tactical parameters, skills and abilities of the players, identification of the position-specific areas of improvement

Day 3 - day 7

Individual work – daily trainings with top world players to enhance the individual skill

duration - 14 days

Day 8 – day 13

Combined work – one session per day with the top world players to enhance the individual skills, and one session per day with the club to apply the skillset in the European handball environment

Day 14

Exit testing and metrics – check-up of the player improvements over the period

the player will:

Improve his general skills
Improve individual physical skills
Improve individual Technical skills
Apply the skills

Our aim is to create new world top players and to help each and every player to extract the maximum level of the game! We have made it ourselves: now is time to share our knowledge and experience with the handball world.

improve your skill set!

Ratko Nikolic

Pivots, defense

Nenad Perunicic

Shooting backs

Zikica Milosavljevic


Nebojsa Golic


Valter Matosevic


Top world
handball academy


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